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Requirements Readiness

Focus on the backlog items that need refinement

The flow of items up the backlog towards a state of ‘ready for development’ requires continual refinement.

Focus the team on the stories that are either not yet estimated or are too big and need to be broken down before they can be taken into development or sprint planning.

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What should we prepare for development?

Which stories are too big and near the top of the backlog or which stories still need estimating.

See the distribution of issue/work item sizes. Quickly identify those that are unestimated or too large – and the column that they are currently in on the board.

Shows the number of requirements (issues/user stories) and which state they are in on the board.

The relative size is shown on the x-axis.

Filter by state to focus on the stories that are imminent.

The actionable charts enable team members to edit the underlying issues/work items directly from the chart.

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Got a burning question?
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